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Have you decided to go to Rann of Kutch 2019? Do you want to see the desert of India’s Thar? Seen in your favorite TV series or film premises of Kutch. Do you want to feel everything? The best time to visit Kutch is Rann Utsav, a perfect place for a week-long vacation or for a quick weekend break.



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Kutch’s Greater Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is the world’s largest salt desert. The Rann Utsav, which has many thousands of people flocking to it during the winter, isn’t known only for its lovely White Sands but also for its annual fest day. You may be short of adjectives describing the natural beauty of the Kutch, the picture-worthy cultural lens, a multitude of forms of art and a food paradise. Although the winters are cruel in the wilderness, it’s time to embark on a journey that celebrates music, culture, food, and life.


The Utsav begins this year on 28th October and ends on 23rd February 2020.


1. Are you aware that Rann Utsav is a yearly festival organized by the Gujarat Tourist Department in winter?


2. The festival starts in October and November in early winter and ends in summer in February.

3. Dhordo in Kutch, a small village in Gujarat becomes the target of a temporary town. During this time, more than 2 lakh tourists visit Kutch worldwide, increasing each year.


4. The house visitors covering an area of 5,00,000 sq. mts will be issued over 350 tents

5. To visit Kutch near Indian frontiers, you should have a Government pass. The passes may be collected from the check post for Bhirandirya.


6. The white sands of Kutch lose color when the Utsav ends in February.

Rann Utsav where locate

Tent City, located 85 km from Bhuj, is a town built just for the Dhordo Village festival and offers tourists the possibility of experiencing the sublime beauty of the rustic Kutch. Spread over a 5-lake area, you can do a lot, whether you want to visit the town of Kutch or check out crafts made by local craftsmen. Then Kutch Rann Utsav provides also the opportunity to try out many adventurous sports.


Gujarat’s Magic: Gujarat has a number of notable places on most bucket lists, but Rann of Kutch in Gujarat certainly ranks among the top during winter. With its 1,2078 sq. m in the Thar Desert, this quiet topographical marvel is an exceptional salt marsh that provides a gleaming view on white sands across the horizon. Yet you know that the white sand is underwater until the locals get ready for Rann Utsav 2019?

Looks like nature gives you an idea of its beauty only if you intend to celebrate life in its various forms. The Gujarat Tourism Board ensures that you build memories that you enjoy throughout your life. The Rann Utsav in Gujarat is a combination that you should not skip, from sumptuous traditional food to artistic and handicraft shopping. Learn all from your folk dances and craft, white sands to star-scoring and many other adventures under the moonlight. From AC cottages to Rajwadi Suite, you can enjoy your holiday with luxurious facilities.



If tourists visit Rann of Kutch in the mountain range in the winter, the désert is not one of the top destinations when planning a holiday. Rann Utsav is the best time to visit and enjoy your holiday. Explore locations around Kutch, enjoy fun activities or relax on the beach. Book a tour of the old Kera Shiv Temple, the Narayan Sarovar, Mandvi beach and much more. Explore the nearby towns of Bhirandiya, Gandhi-Nigam and Khavda Then take advantage of their designed textile then design workshops. The temple of Modhera Sun is always further into Gujarat, as it is the temple of Konark Sun. Rann of Kutch’s biodiversity is known for the rare bird species migrating in the winter to the marshlands.


What to do in Rann Utsav in Gujarat

Shopping is a must when on holiday. Take a look at paintings from Rogan, lacquer, silver and gold jewelry, bordered garments and mirrors, and prints of Ajrakh, bandhani, and others. Enjoy traditional folk music and Gujarat dances at night, while the sun is set on Kutch’s Greater Rann. You can also enjoy shows that demonstrate regional diversity in full color and splendor. Get there at Rann Utsav: go to Bhuj or Ahmedabad directly and then to the Rann of Kutch regional transports. You can also take the train to Bhuj and move to the village of Dhordo. You will also take care of move from and to the White Rann Kutch when booking one of the Rann Utsav packages with TempleTourOnline.



You can choose from the Rann Utsav 3N/4D package to the Rann Utsav 5N/6D package with a Somnath and Dwarka visit. Figures out how to turn your holiday into your life’s best time. If you want a stress-free vacation, book Rann Utsav in Gujarat 2019-20 packages from TempleTourOnline and let them know all about your needs.

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